Commune of Xarrë

The commune of Xarrë, located in one of the country's southern edges, extends over an area of 26 km ² and counts a population of 7,850 inhabitants. The commune consists of Xarrë, Mursi, Vrinë, Shkallë and Shëndelli villages. The terrain is mostly flat and the favorable climate of the Ionian coast provides good conditions for the development of agriculture and other economic sectors.

Despite the extremely favorable position and the long coastal line, the tourism sector has not developped. The commune has developed a very good cooperation spirit. In addition, there are several civil society organizations that perform their activities in the commune.

List of priority subprojects

Nr Project name Total value of the project (ALL) Download
1 Reconstruction of road “Degezimi (junction) Xarre – Shkallë” 190,000,000 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
2 Reconstroction of the road to Vrine school 16,174,843 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
3 Reconstruction of the entry road to the commune of Xarre 7,240,502 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
3 213,415,345