Commune of Vergo

The commune of Vergo, consisting of 8 villages, is located northwest of Delvina, on the left bank of the river Kalasa in Rrezome area.

The commune covers an area of 129 km² in hilly terrain which favoured the development of agriculture in general and fruticulture in particular.

The commune has a population of 4500 inhabitants who, in addition to agriculture perform various economic activities such as construction, agro-food sector, etc.; a part of the population active for work has migrated.

List of priority subprojects

Nr Project name Total value of the project (ALL) Download
1 Reconstruction of the road “Bajkaj – Isak” 21,896,519 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
2 Reconstrution of the road"Rruga nacionale (national)– Vergo Center” 34,455,602 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
2 56,352,121