Municipality of Orikum

Orikum has tourist potential and tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy, which provide main incomes for residents. Because of the terrain, livestock has a significant place in the local economy, but agriculture remains the main economic activity as opportunities for development of this sector are good, especially if the plains of Dukat and Tragjas are to be considered.

In Orikum there is avariety of small business amounting to roughfly 280; forty of which are considered large businesses. Most of them are mainly concentrated n Orikum, Dukat and Radhima.

As for big businesses, they are mainly construction companies, hotels and bar-restaurants.

It should be emphasized that a good portion of income for families in all villages comes from immigration. Many young people have left and still leave for emigration. Different communities of the unit perform various economic activities. For example Dukat’s main activity is sheep growth and therefore Dukat is the main village in the district of Vlora. Vineyards are also developed. Although the main economic activity of the Tragjas village is livestock, immigration is considered still an important source of income for its residents.

List of priority subprojects

Nr Project name Total value of the project (ALL) Download
1 Reconstruciton of the road "National road - Radhime" 174,978,307 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
2 Archeological park of Orikum 375,000,000 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
3 Restauration of the Church of Marmiroi 36,000,000 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
3 585,978,307