Commune of Ksamil

The commune of Ksamil, which has an area of 1,270 hectares and a population of 9,600 inhabitants, includes the small town of Ksamili and the village Manastir. Since it was founded in the 70s and until 1990, the town counted about 1,800 inhabitants, but after the 90ies, the number of inhabitants has increased significantly.

A large part of the unit surface area, about 300 ha, consists of forests and pastures. 280 ha are used for agricultural activity. A part of the territory is occupied by the national park of Butrint.

Tourism industry is growing constantly thanks to the good quality of the Ionian Sea and the attractive and maintained environment. Besides tourism, other priority sectors are construction, fishing and orchards. Mussels growing, cultivated by about 55 businesses, has provided good employment opportunities along with fishing which is carried out with light and traditional techniques.Provision of utilitarian services along the coastline have become another important source of income for residents of the area.

List of priority subprojects

Nr Project name Total value of the project (ALL) Download
1 Construction of the esplanade 49,105,486 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
2 Water supply system of Ksamil (continuation) 35,018,893 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
3 Water supply system village of Manastir (continuation) 23,314,481 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
4 Reconstruction of the road “Bilal Xhafer” 7,689,371 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
5 Reconstruction of the road “Mangalen” 10,870,510 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
6 Reconstruction of the road “Isador Dunkan” 23,920,021 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
7 Construction-paving road “Naim Frasheri” 21,686,117 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
8 Project for environmental rehabilitation and revitalization of island facing Ksamil village Ksamil 98,000,000 Download in PDF format pdf-icon
8 269,604,879