Capital Investment Program

The Albanian Development Fund, in cooperation with Local Units of the Coastal Zone, proposes in this program a list of projects for public capital investment that would be a prerequisite for sustainable development of tourism in the area.

Municipalities and Communes participating in the Capital Investment Programme of the South Coast:

1. Municiplity of Sarandë,
2. Municiplity of Himarë,
3. Municiplity of Orikum,
4. Municiplity of Konispol,
5. Commune of Aliko,
6. Commune of Dhivër,
7. Commune of Ksamil,
8. Commune of Livadhja,
9. Commune of Lukovë,
10. Commune of Markat,
11. Commune of Xarrë,
12. Municiplity of Delvinë,
13. Commune of Finiq,
14. Commune of Mesopotam.
15. Commune of Vergo.
Criteria for submission of projects determined them as priority and mainly focused on the primary regional and local infrastructure such as urban roads, rural roads, water supply - sewerage and urban requalification.

To collect and specify baseline data of proposed projects, the ADF made an assessment which was accompanied by the review of technical projects and their re-evaluation when necessary.

It is worth emphasizing that most of the proposals coming from Municipalities and Communes have been equipped with appropriate technical designs and cost estimates. A detailed dossier with concrete data (over 135) has been prepared as part of this assignment.

Projects proposed for funding

This plan includes 136 projects of primary regional and local infrastructure for a total of 16,839,288,034 ALL. These include: Civil works 16,189,288,034 ALL, and Design - Supervision 650,000,000 ALL. Most of the projects proposed by LGUs participating in this program deal with improving primary infrastructure classified as follows:

a) Urban roads and rural roads

occupy most of the projects with about 61% of the overall total. This significant figure reflects the condition of infrastructure in this area and the immediate need to improve it. The fact that all participating LGUs in program stretch over the southern coast, shows once again that the situation of road infrastructure not only does not meet the needs of residents, but it is a serious obstacle to the development of tourism.

b) Water supply - sewage

are the second largest group proposed and they constitute about 21% of the total of proposed projects.

c) The Projects of urban requalification

The third group of proposals contains projects of urban requalification, such as the arrangement of squares and urban centers, at a rate of 9% compared against the total number of submitted project-proposals.

d) Projects for the rehabilitation and restoration of cultural heritage objects

consist in revitalizing archaeological parks, monuments of culture, by making them accessible to the public. These projects account for about 3% of the proposed projects.

e) Environmental projects

account for about 2% of the projects and consist in rehabilitating contaminated and degraded areas, thus creating a clean environment and preserving the natural landscape.

f) Various projects

The rest consists of various projects such as schools, cultural centers, irrigation canal, municipal offices, etc. by about 4%.

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